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independent software vendors embedded analytics solution

How Can ISVs Benefit from Strong Analytics Offering?

As data is taking over the world, ISVs must make embedded analytics part of their applications’ tech stack. Working with partners to complement their value proposition and broaden their potential market reach is no longer just an option for those who want to get ahead of the competition and generate higher revenue.  Continue reading and […]

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reveal expansion plans for the future

Reveal Roadmap for 2023

Data Analytics Build for Embed – Simple. Fast. Predictable.  That is our headline for Reveal.  Ever since we launched our embedded analytics product, we’ve had 3 main goals:    Our goal is to deliver an amazing end-user UX for self-service BI, deep data analytics, and data storytelling.  With this, an SDK experience that is easy to use and get started. This means a simple and beautiful experience […]

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ways to monetize your embedded analytics solution

How to Monetize Data Analytics Offering? 

Integrating an embedded analytics solution into your software comes with tremendous opportunities to expand your business and drive new revenue streams.   Thanks to the plethora of benefits that embedded analytics can bring to your businesses, you can easily monetize your data analytics offering by providing certain analytics features and functionalities as an add-on to drive […]

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what is data warehouse

How Data Warehousing Accelerates Business Decisions

In today’s data-driven world it is difficult to believe that for many organizations accessing and analyzing data still remains a distant goal.   Organizations that want to survive in the market need to keep up pace with new technologies and trends in the analytics space, so they can strengthen their competitive advantage and maximize ROI.   Embedded […]

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the importance of drag and drop analytics

The Importance of Drag and Drop Analytics

Traditional business intelligence and analytics solutions are made for data analysts and technical users.   But in today’s fast-paced business environment, all users, regardless of skills and department need quick and easy access to data and the ability to work with it on their own.  Drag and drop analytics are interactive and user-friendly analytics platforms that […]

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future of business intelligence

The Future of BI: Top Embedded Analytics Trends

The business intelligence (BI) and data analytics world continue to undergo massive transformations every year.   Spreadsheets finally yield their buried treasure and evolved into insightful data visualizations and interactive high-impact dashboards.   Data exploded into Big Data.   Analyzing data became accessible to all business users.   And so much has changed the way businesses and customers consume […]

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tableau alternative

Reveal vs Tableau for Embedded Analytics

Among all embedded analytics products on the market, Tableau is certainly one of the most popular BI tools for analyzing, visualizing, and working with data.   Tableau has been helping businesses to transform raw data into valuable insights for more than 16 years. It is known for its great visualization capabilities, rich features offering, and mobile […]

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saas embedded analytics solution

Embedded Analytics for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies face the challenge of maximizing the adoption of their tools and providing customers with the best ROI. They can achieve this, and can greatly improve their existing product’s value proposition, through embedded analytics.   And we don’t mean just basic charts and visualizations displaying your data insights, we’re talking about advanced analytics capabilities, including […]

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