Discover the Reveal Advantage Over
Logi Analytics

Discover the Reveal Advantage Over
Logi Analytics

Are you seeking a modern, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to Logi Analytics for your embedded analytics needs? Look no further than Reveal, the ultimate alternative to Logi Analytics. Unlock a world of simplicity with Reveal’s transparent, one-size-fits-all pricing and intuitive self-service dashboard creation. Seamlessly transition from Logi or Exago, and fast-track your analytics deployment in days, not months.

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Logi Analytics alternative

Reveal vs. Logi Analytics

Reveal offers a simple, one-size-fits-all pricing model, eliminating hidden per-user or per-server fees. Its focus on user-friendly, beautiful self-service dashboard creation enhances the analytics experience, and the ease of transitioning from Logi Analytics to Reveal ensures a smooth and efficient process, reducing deployment time from months to days or weeks.

  Reveal Logi Analytics
Embedded Creator Experience Native clients for Desktop and Web Web only
Embed / API Creator Experience   Vs Logi Analytics demo
Native SDK Solution   Vs Logi Analytics demo
Maintenance Costs Simple Fixed Price Complex
Predictable, No Capacity-Based Pricing   Vs Logi Analytics demo
No Dedicated Server Required   Vs Logi Analytics demo
Custom License Options   Vs Logi Analytics demo

Why Reveal?

The True SDK Experience

Reveal stands out as the true SDK (Software Development Kit) solution, giving you unmatched customization and
deployment flexibility. With Reveal, you’re in control, shaping your analytics precisely to match your
application. Say goodbye to rigid templates and hello to endless possibilities.

Simplicity Meets Elegance

Our mission is clear – we prioritize simplicity and beauty in everything we do. Reveal ensures that your embedded analytics experience is not just powerful but also visually stunning. We’re committed to delivering a user-friendly, elegant solution that enhances your data analytics journey.

Cost-Effective Embedded Analytics

We offer cost-effective embedded analytics solutions designed to fit your budget. Say goodbye to per-user fees and unexpected costs. Our transparent pricing model ensures you get the most value out of your investment, allowing you to scale your analytics efforts without breaking the bank.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We’re designed to work with your platform, not against it. Whether you’re developing a web-based platform, a mobile app, or desktop software, Reveal’s flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing tech stack. We fully support every cloud provider, every back-end application framework, like Java, .NET, and Node.js, and every server operating system, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

What People are Saying About Reveal

Reveal G2 High Performer Winter 2023
Reveal G2 High Performer Enterprise Winter 2023
Reveal G2 Users Love Us
Reveal G2 High Performer Small Business Winter 2023
Reveal G2 Leader Winter 2022

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I’ve been using Reveal BI for 1 week, and I must say it is completely awesome. I like the intuitive user interface, seamless integration, responsive customer support, powerful visualization tools, real-time analysis, and the best security measures.

Jeya J.

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The Reveal SDK is ideal for detecting errors in the programming language and creating Add-ons to increase and complement the interfaces and functions that we want to develop.

Evan B.

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Reveal has established excellent base for our customers and sales team to explore and raise their concerns on our products and services. It has been able to streamline and our relationship ecosystem that has boosted the growth of our company. I have met and addressed many challenges that affect our customers and solved them to enable them trust our services increase pipeline leads.

Ronald H.

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Reveal has driven our business performance to great and recommendable lengths. It is very powerful and result achievement product that I highly recommend to any growing business.

Rebecca W.

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With embedded evidence our company teams are able to drive data insights effectively. It anlyses our data automatically and recommends on the most relevant customer markets. With a simple to use interface we are able to create and customize our dashboard and visualizations.

Newton J.

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If you have worked with power bi or Qlik view, You would rather use Reveal as it is easier to use and more user friendly. The learning curve to use the software is easy and overall the software is great!

Lou G.

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