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Reveal is an embedded analytics platform that we designed to be developer friendly, cloud optimized, and mobile friendly. With Reveal, platform doesn’t matter, and we don’t limit features. Whether you’re embedding in an iOS, Android, .NET or Web app, Reveal embedded analytics includes native SDK’s that deliver a transformative user experience for creating, editing and annotating dashboards on any device.

Get started today using Reveal’s robust embedded analytics features and functionalities during a 30-day trial period. See for yourself how easy it is to integrate reliable and self-service analytics directly into your existing website or application, and learn how you can start maximizing profits with real-time, contextual insights.

Fast and Easy Set Up Fast and Easy Set Up

Unlimited Dashboards & Users Unlimited Dashboards & Users

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Native SDK Native SDK

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Frequently Asked Questions

An SDK provides a complete development kit for software development for building applications for a specified platform, service, or language.

You can find details on how to install the Reveal SDK for Web here, and details on how to install the Reveal SDK for WPF here.

The free trial of the Reveal SDK lasts for 30 days.

The Reveal SDK requires .NET version 4.6.1+ and Visual Studio 2015 or up.

Yes – Reveal embedded analytics comes with Standard Support for 5 Devs. We also offer Priority support. To learn more about Priority Support contact us here.

Yes, anyone can download the SDK and try out Reveal.

At Reveal, we are committed to having transparent, friction-free pricing so you can reach an unlimited number of users on any device. No need to worry about usage fees or back–end capacity metering costs – know exactly what you’ll be paying without any surprises. Request more information here.

No, no credit card or billing information of any sort is required to download the SDK.