Scriptly Helps Pharmacies Identify Trends in Real Time with Reveal

Scriptly Helps Pharmacies Identify Trends in Real Time with Reveal
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  • Markets Served

  • Top Challenges

    • Inefficient pharmacy management
    • Expensive one-off reporting
    • Lack of real-time data
  • Why Reveal

    • Quick deployment
    • Easy access to real-time data
    • Understandable, customizable insights
    • User-friendly interface

Meet Scriptly

When Brian Prigge became Chief Technology Officer for a large, national group of independent pharmacies, he realized they were working with antiquated software systems. He knew there had to be a more efficient pharmacy management technology solution. In 2020, he founded Scriptly to provide a modern, user-friendly solution to easily track prescriber trends, identify adherence issues, and analyze inventory forecasting. Scriptly has revolutionized operations at pharmacies of all sizes — from mom-and-pop pharmacies to large flagship clients like Carepoint.

“One challenge facing pharmacy owners and operators is the ability to access real-time visibility into their data in a format that they chose,” said Brian Prigge, President and CTO of Scriptly. “The lack of a solution led pharmacies to make significant investments in developing one-off reports.”

To help pharmacies identify trends without manually creating reports on each facet of their business, Brian wanted to incorporate self-service analytics which would allow non-technical users to easily create custom dashboards and interactive data visualizations to make data-driven decisions.

Scriptly Helps Pharmacies Identify Trends in Real Time with Reveal


Why Reveal

Brian chose Reveal’s embedded analytics solution to empower Scriptly customers with the tools they need to take their pharmacy operations to the next level. With Reveal built into Scriptly, pharmacies can access up-to-the-minute data, spot trends in patients, prescribers, and prescriptions, and customize dashboards to see relevant data. Reveal’s embedded analytics solution removed the need for manual reporting.

“In today’s dynamic pharmacy industry, it’s crucial to make decisions based on hard data rather than intuition, observation, or guesswork,” said Brian. “With Reveal, we are putting the power of data directly into the hands of pharmacies, allowing them to harness the potential of real-time information for improved efficiency and profitability.”

For example, data insights can revolutionize how pharmacies operate by allowing them to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, optimize inventory, improve customer service, maximize profitability, and manage staffing.

Scriptly Helps Pharmacies Identify Trends in Real Time with Reveal

“The Reveal implementation process took about a week. We were up and running with self-service analytics in the blink of an eye.”


Identifying Medication Non-Adherence

Pharmacies can also identify medication non-adherence problems by showing prescription refill timing. According to the American Heart Association, it is estimated that over half the medications prescribed for people with chronic diseases are not taken as directed.

Poor medication adherence takes the lives of 125,000 Americans annually and costs the healthcare system as much as $300 billion a year in additional medical appointments, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations.

“With Reveal’s data insights, pharmacies can see which patients are not taking their medications based on when they order refills,” Brian explained, “When a prescription says take one pill twice a day, and every other day the patient forgets to take the second pill, refill data shows pharmacies that a patient isn’t taking his or her medications as directed.”

Scriptly Helps Pharmacies Identify Trends in Real Time with Reveal


The average build-it-yourself embedded analytics solution can take seven months or more, but Reveal’s pre-built, off-the-shelf solution was able to offer a much quicker turnaround.

“The Reveal implementation process took about a week,” said Brian. “We were up and running with self-service analytics in the blink of an eye.”

Building an embedded analytics solution in-house can also be costly. It is estimated that the average cost of building embedded analytics is as much as $350k (based on average U.S. salaries).

With Reveal, Scriptly users can easily access and create high-impact dashboards anytime.

Reveal provides:

  • Real-Time Data Insights: Pharmacy owners and employees can access up-to-the-minute data on prescription volumes, inventory levels, and sales trends, enabling them to make informed decisions in real-time.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Users can easily create personalized dashboards tailored to their specific needs. Drag-and-drop widgets, charts, and graphs provide a highly intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Data Visualization: Powerful data visualization tools make it easy to transform complex prescription data into visually appealing and comprehensible graphs and charts.
  • Interactive Reporting: Generate detailed reports and drill down into the data to uncover valuable insights. Identify areas for improvement and track performance metrics with ease.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Reveal’s self-service analytics feature integrates seamlessly with the existing Scriptly Pharmacy Management interface, ensuring a forgotten password will never stop you from accessing your data.